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  Information Technology

Few days back i heard a breaking news that Facebook is shutting down. Woo.. man at-first site i was shocked because how it could be possible that world’s no 1 Social networking site going to be death in such a short period of time, so after some research i got the answer that its a fake news. but yes it may be possible that facebook will shutdown itself for a while and the reason of this will be Security.

Facebook this year decided to concentrate more on security aspects.As we seen in past Inj3ct0r and other groups able to get into its server in a flash, which was really scary. The giant is really serious about security this year and in mood to spend maximum of its profits in Security.

On the other hand Facebook is going to launch its mail service also to compete Gmail. Accoring to one post in Freezonal ,Most popular Social media News websites reported that the new Facebook email service will be definitely a challenge to the current giant email services like Google’s Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, Hotmail etc. This is because it’s very easy for Facebook to attract its own 500 million plus users to it’s products. Facebook’s new full-fledged Email service – Titan will have some outstanding features than all current Email services. Social News Media website called Facebook’s new email Service as “Gmail Killer“.

From Past we have seen lots of internet scams MMS scandal and other bad stuff. Due to these hazards many girls quit their life.

Today as the technology and internet increases no doubt it makes our life more better and easy, but on the dark side internet creating many big problems for girls too as i said before. So here are some tips for girls what they ahve to do and what they dont.

Tip 1:- Sign up for mail anonymously.

Tip 2:- Never use your real name.

Tip 3:- Don’t put any information in the “user profile” section. If it is required, be extremely general.

Tip 4:- Do not accept messages from anyone who is not on your “friends” list.

Tip 5:- Don’t accept messages that are sent to multiple recipients.

Tip 6:-Disable the “Online/Offline” feature. No one needs to know when you are on- or offline.So better to stay invisible on chatting applications.

Tip 7:- If you get messages from people you do not want to hear from, put them on the “ignore” list.

Tip 8:- Never chat on Webcam with person whom u don't know.

So be safe and enjoy the virtual world called "INTERNET".

Rahul Tyagi
Technical Head, NAI

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