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Statement of Rahul Gandhi on Mumbai Blast
In a shameful statement, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has said that despite the terror attacks in Mumbai yesterday, 99% of terror strikes have been prevented by the Congress Govt.

What Rahul Gandhi’s statement actually meant is that it doesn’t matter if a few people died and hundreds were injured in the bomb blasts yesterday in Mumbai. Indians should be happy that at least 99% of such incidents have been prevented. So, if 1% of bombs explode here and there killing a few hundreds, we should not be worried.

How shameless can Congress and Rahul Gandhi get? Is this the price of Indian lives? When people have died yesterday, instead of saying sorry for the intelligence, failure and ability to prevent such strikes, you come out and say 1% of strikes are fine!

And by the way, how was the 99% figure reached? Has there been any news of a bomb squad diffusing a bomb before they exploded? Have there been terrorists caught right before they were going to explode a bomb? So how can this immature politician suggest that 99% of strikes have been prevented?

When pointed out to Rahul Gandhi that America has not been hit by any major strikes after 9/11, the Congress leader said America has been facing attack elsewhere like Afghanistan. What a stupid statement. How can India trust its future on a person like this? How can Congress even dare to project such an immature guy as this for our future PM?

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