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Shri Prakash Jawdekar Hon'ble Minister of Information & Broadcasting Govt of India with Shri Vipin Gaur General Secretary NAI (NAI Awards 2013)
  Newspapers Association of India
Late Dr. M.R. Gaur - "To be a journalist you need courage, dedication and honour. It's not only about knowing the truth yourself but about bringing it out in front of the world."
Vipin Gaur - "I have been a part of NAI for quite a few years now.What it taught me is journalism combined with ethics can create ripples in the minds of the people.A small step towards a better and a pragmatic society. As someone had correctly said, ‘The central dilemma in journalism is that you don’t know what you don’t know."
The NAI, now in its 26th years of existence, being an organization spanning the length and breadth of India.

NAI or Newspaper Association of India started its journey in the year 1993, holding the hand of a great man, Late Dr. M.R. Gaur of New Delhi. Since then, we have been a sustainable name amongst the owners, publishers and editors of Local and National Newspapers and Magazines of Indian community Media. Our noted organization is registered in that very particular year by the Government of India under SR Act XX1 of 1860 and is headquartered in New Delhi. By being an absolute non-profit organization, our key focus has always been on the advancement and improvement of local newspapers, magazines and journals, published in several vernaculars throughout the country. The developmental process has to undergo several stages, which include identifying the main troubles plaguing the small and medium scale newspaper industries for a great many decades. We withstand those hassles and put a communal effort to present those in front of the higher authorities so that they can tackle and eradicate such issues for the betterment of the Indian community media. Moreover, our chief concern is to bring forth a common platform for all the associated members of different newspapers or magazines so that they can interact with each other by sharing their views and thoughts, which is undeniably significant for generating progression. These tasks are handled proficiently by our dynamic team members, who get connected to us by availing separate category of membership. Our core aphorism lies in encouraging the various papers or journals, which are important for establishing a civil society in India. Besides, we are trying to produce strong democratic values, which may boost up our democracy consequently. That zeal or functionality would assist to attract the neighbouring countries also and this is undoubtedly significant. Generally, there are six strategic issues which include:- marketing, public policy, diversity, industrial development, newspaper operations and readership and all these are the subject of analysis and regulation by our organization. The main focus of NAI at the time of its establishment was to deal with the negative facets, highlight them and remove them to enhance the propagation of the small and medium newspaper industries. Through all our deeds, the objective of fostering the spirit of having a national cause has always been reflected.

Objectives of Newspaper Association of India

The objective of NAI is
  1. To highlight the problems which have been plaguing the small and medium newspaper industry for the past so many years.
  2. To create a common platform at the national level for the members to establish contact and interact with each other on related problems so ad to address them through the association with concerned authorities, on a collective basis.
  3. To encourage and support small and medium newspapers, journals, periodicals, etc., to create innovative sustainable social enterprise that aims to build a just, civil society in India through responsible journalism.
  4. To further foster a spirit of serving the national cause of having unity in diversity demonstrated in the membership of the association.
  5. To establish Newspaper Association of India offices in all the states and districts of this country that can serve the small and medium newspaper establishments, specially the ones from non metros.
  6. To encourage member newspapers to play a responsible role in social causes by actively organizing Social Responsibility Initiatives in the communities that they cater.
  7. Finally, to encourage citizen journalism and reporting at the grassroots level in the rural areas among the student community.
Other Priorities of the Newspaper Association of India

Newspaper Association of India focuses on six key strategic priorities that collectively affect the newspaper industry: marketing, public policy, diversity, industry development, newspaper operations and readership. NAI aims to be a network that is inclusive and open, promotes free and independent media participation in the network. It also provides a voice for its member publications and encourages sharing of not just news but also their experience and knowledge between members. It also encourages members to share best practices in the industry to collectively raise the standards of Indian journalism.

Newspaper Association of India facilitates the important role the regional newspapers play in the strengthening the World’s largest democracy by adhering in letter and spirit to secular credentials and upholding all our democratic institutions to free, fair and complete dissemination of information.

Finally, these regional and vernacular language newspapers with their reach deep in the hinterland can and will continue to plays an effective role in the propagation of democratic ideals as envisioned in our constitution that will empower all sections of the society.

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